Commercial Painting

Commercial painting differs greatly from general or residential painting. With commercial painting it’s not just about painting the building, there are also employees, customers, office hours and various other factors that also need to be considered. With residential painting the only thing to be considered is the house itself. Commercial painting can only be done by a professional commercial painter that has the skills and experience necessary to do the job safely and efficiently. It’s high advised to only hire a commercial painting contractor or company that has been in business for awhile and has established a good reputation in your local area. .

In today’s world, shopping malls, corporate offices and restaurants all require using certain color schemes that fit their business, or industry. Many of these color schemes use monochromatic colors or have theme based designs and colors. Every few years these schemes need refreshed to draw in new customer. Many people are attracted to large commercial building or corporate offices that have attractive exteriors. Many times offices building are painted with their company’s logo on the outside of the building or a color or colors that are associated with their business or industry. Many office buildings use colors that are associated with the environment such as various shades of green. Cafes and restaurants often go with color or themes that are based on certain foods such as Mexican or beverages such as coffee.

School and other educational institutions may go with something light and bright. Hospitals and various other medical facilities may choose subtle colors that are calming and have soothing eye appeal. Most commercial painting is not that exotic and more routine mainly due to cost.

Commercial paint is easy when a building is being remodeled or renovated, however, for the perfect layout be sure you hire a commercial painting contractor that is reliable and has a good reputation.

There is a great deal of preparation that goes into preparing a building for commercial painting including removing old chipped paint, scrubbing, filling cracks, clearing away dirt and debris, smoothing out uneven surfaces and repairing all wood surfaces. A professional commercial painter provides solutions for all of these situations. They also take care of protecting all furniture inside the building and takes the appropriate safety measure to prevent any damage to surfaces or other painted surfaces.

Another factor to considers is the cost. When getting bids from commercial painting contractors be sure they state the brand of paint they will be using. a lot of times the total cost of a bid is determined by the brand of paint that is being used. Many commercial painters will give you the opportunity to view your building in several different colors before making the final decision.